Overseas Missions

ABLE sends a team to Haiti twice a year.  In the summer, a larger team will focus on Marketplace, education, and medical missions.  While in the winter, a smaller team will focus only on Marketplace missions.

The Education team is comprised of US teachers participating with the ABLE ministry to conduct professional developmental workshops in Haiti.  Our goal is to support and develop educators in Haiti.

The Medical team’s main objective is to provide health aid to the infirmed men, women, and children of Haiti.  The team is comprised of US doctors, pharmacists, and optometrists to provide care to wounds, deliver medications, and eye treatment and checkups to the underserved people of Haiti.

The Marketplace team carries out its’ goals by promoting business and self-sufficiency to the local towns and cities to alleviate poverty from within.  The team is comprised of business professionals who work closely with local groups offering valuable tools to help change lifestyles of dependency to self-sufficiency through workshops, seminars, and financing.  As a result, ABLE has helped launch small to medium-sized businesses through the method of funding, training, and mentoring programs.