Who We Are

ABLE is a non-profit organization founded to share the love of Christ in the world which we live in, especially in the marketplace. People are God’s special creation, and each individual has his or her own unique gifts from God. ABLE believes there should not be a distinction between sacred and secular work. All Christian working professionals to be excellent at what they do with integrity and live out their faith in their work places by fulfilling Jesus’ command of being salt and light.

Our mission statement: 

A.B.L.E. is a movement dedicating itself to build and equip available men and women of God to become leaders of excellence here and abroad

Furthermore, ABLE sends out its professionals from various disciplines to reach out to improve the quality of life for people living in developing countries. For the past several years, the volunteer physicians have been providing medical services in the areas where people could not get access to any medical attention. Also, the educators from U.S. have been mentoring the local educators to improve the quality of their teaching skills to be better teachers. ABLE also provides funding, expertise, and mentoring programs to social entrepreneurs, helping them grow and become business leaders in their communities.